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Home Inspector

It is now compulsory in nearly all cases to have a house seller’s pack for house sales and rental transactions.

DIAGL JFL and its qualified and certificated inspectors are able to carry all the required inspections for the preparation of the full technical property file prior to a sale. Please remember in France surveyors are rarely used so these reports have an important information role in the sale.

DIAG JFL is your ideal company in Lower Normandy to help you prepare your property paperwork. They are fast, very professional and efficient.

Philippa Weitz at Delamarche Immobilier comments “We find it much easier to sell houses when all the reports have been done and are in date; These are required for the signing of a compromis and having the full paperwork can help a purchaser make a better informed decision and also speeds up the sale process by weeks. I always encourage the vendor to get these reports when they put the house for sale”.

Here’s a résumé of the reports you are likely to need. For more detail DIAG JFL will be able to answer individual questions:





Required for any property (house and all outbuilding) with planning permission granted  before 1/7/1997


Obligatory for both SALE and RENTAL

Valid for 3 years if asbestos is present and indefinite if no asbestos found, providing the report was completed after 01/05/2013

This report is compiled by a qualified inspector


Required for any building built before 1/1/1949.

This report refers to lead in paint, no plumbing. The report also gives the state of any lead-based paintwork.

Obligatory for a SALE

Valid indefinitely if no lead found,
Valid for 1 year if positive

This report is compiled by a qualified inspector

Etat Parasitaire

Including termites (some areas of France), mérule – dry rot, and woodworm

Not currently obligatory in Normandie and Brittany

Termites are present in around 60 départements. This report is obligatory in those areas.


This report also covers dry rot and woodworm which are both prevalent in both Normandy and Brittany.

In areas affected by other dry rot or woodworm we strongly advise this report to be done.

This inspector is also qualified to provide advice about getting rid of either dry rot or woodworm.

6 months


This report is compiled by a qualified inspector


You will need this report for electrical installations which are more than 15 years old.

You will need to provide the original certificate of conformityif your electrical installation is less than 15 years old.

3 years


This report is compiled by a qualified inspector


This is a report that concerns the safety of those living in the property.

You will need this report for any gas installation which is more than 15 years old. You will need to provide the original certificate of conformity, if your gas installation isless than 15 years oldotherwise you’ll need a report.

This requirement includes any central heating or hot water systems with rigid piping (such as copper) feeding the gaz to the appliance(s), no matter where it is located on the property. It does not include gas bottles using soft piping eg bottled gas for cookers. If in doubt check with the inspector.

Obligatory for a SALE

3 years


This report is compiled by a qualified inspector

Natural & Technological Risks 

This covers all manner of natural and technological risks and the list below is not an exhaustive list! But is more to give you an idea: Earthquakes, avalanches, forest fires, quarries and underground mining, floods, swimming pools in areas where they might cause a leak over your land, industrial and brown sites, toxic waste.

6 months - this is usually completed by the estate agent or the notaire and is not done by the diagnostiqueur.

Energy Efficiency Report

Le Diagnostic de Performance Energétique (D.P.E)  

The aim is to improve energy efficiency in both new builds and existing property.

This report gives you information regarding the energy efficiency of your house (the energy efficiency rating known in the UK as the EPC and rated between A and F, F being the worst), green house gases information, a guide to how much it will cost for you to heat your property, and some recommendations on improvements relating to energy efficiency - such as double glazing, wall and roof insulation.

It is compulsory for all estate agents to display the property's energy efficiency rating in the window and in all publicity.

These are some exceptions from having this report.

For example:

*if the house is a second home lived in less than 4 months of the year

*If there is no system of heating

In these cases the inspector will give you a certificate which covers this exemption.


Obligatory for both SALE and RENTAL

10 years

This is the ONLY report that it is compulsory to have BEFORE putting your house for sale.


This report is compiled by a qualified inspector


PLEASE NOTE In the situation where a report is not undertaken the vendor is not covered for the guarantee from hidden defects which forms part of the sale contract.


For more information please contact:

 SARL DIAG JFL                 

3 Rue Gaudens 50300 AVRANCHES - Tel:

7 Place Delaporte 50600 SAINT HILAIRE DU HARCOUËT – 02 33 79 26 13


Tel:  06 75 56 16 09 - Email: contact@diagjfl.com

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